Can You Freeze Mince Directly After You Have Defrosted It?


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As long as the meat has been thawed in the refrigerator and handled properly, you can re-freeze raw meat, poultry or fish. You can also freeze meat that has been partially thawed, or even thawed and cooked. But, if you thawed the food on the counter or in the sink, and at some point the meat reaches room temperature, it should not be re-frozen.

Every time you freeze meat, large ice crystals form in the meat, and expand and break the cell structure. When the meat thaws, these broken cells seep out moisture from the ice and from the meat itself. When you cook meat that has been thawed, re-frozen and thawed again, you will probably notice that it's slightly drier and not as flavorful.
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You cannot re-freeze meat once it has thawed you would be much better putting it in the bottom of the fridge and using it the next day

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