Are there any salads that can be served warm?


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I haven't a clue what it's called,Keith,but you can have a salad with hot bacon pieces in it
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Yes spinach salad can be served warm with mushrooms and bacon crumbles on the top i usally put feta cheese on mine with a little oil and salt and pepper.
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Technically a salad- german hot mashed potato salad. Mashed potato's,vinegar for tangy taste,yellow mustard for taste and color,mayonaise to smoothe it out,sweet pickle relish to taste,(as many as it takes for number of people usually 6-8 eggs)boiled eggs sliced and mixed into the potato's. Usually only served with big holiday meals(special occasions). After done eating take a 1hour nap.
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You can also try what my brother does-called stir fry.they even have special gourmet sauces from spicy ,mild to melt your tongue out of your head .one looks like pink cool aid but is so hot they only recommend putting 5 drops into the wok while stirring your veggies. Yes there are tons of different distinct beans and veggies that can be heated/stir fried. The reason to stir fry is to keep all th nutrients in your salad and to make the flavors can even use extra virgin olive oil also.
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I have never heard of it ...If my memory serves me correctly bacteria grows best between 50 and 150 degress Fahrenheit so it would be a really bad idea in a resturant salad bar. My mother got salmonella posining just last year at a resturant and there is also ecoli. Hot or cold not warm. Although there probably is one that is supposed to be served warm.....Andrew Zimmerman has probably had it.
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German patato salad... Can be served warm..
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German Potato salad is usually served warm and is usually fabulous.  There are others but this is my favorite.
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Oh yes...U can make many warm salads. There's spinach salad that is better off warm, using a warm bacon dressing over it... Assorted potato salads, Warm chicken salad & mushroom salads.
There R all sorts of them. Just look up warm salad recipes & many will come up.
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German Potato Salad Can Be Served.  Hot.. I Wouldn't Do Warm Cause Of E Coli And Spinach Salad  I Make Macaroni Salad. Too But I Keep That In The Fridge. Chicken Salad I Think Too. Never Leave Food Out On The Counter. You Could Be Upchucking Soon
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I can't really think of any salad that can't be served warm. Every vegetable, bean, and fruit salad can be heated in the microwave or oven and served warm, with a glass of hot toddy (warm cider) and a basket of hot buttered dinner rolls.

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