How Many Cans Of Green Beans Will Feed 100?


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30 cans of green beans will feed 100 people; according to this calculation, each person will receive a hearty serving of one-third of a can (which usually translates to one third of a cup, or a little more). Canned green beans are very healthy foods, which makes perfect side dishes for group gatherings, where a variety of dishes must be prepared and served at a specific location.

Since green beans can be warmed and served plain, or eaten chilled with a nice vinaigrette, they are perfect choices for cool or warm-weather gatherings. Green beans provide a host of vitamins and minerals, and they are very low in fat. These nutritious foods are also economical for mass gatherings, since cans of green beans can be purchased in bulk, at bulk food franchises, such as Costco.

Fun Ways To Serve Canned Green Beans
  • A little minced garlic and oil, along with a dash of teriyaki sauce or soy sauce, can give green beans a touch of Asian flavor that also enhances their natural texture. Green beans can be stir-fried in bulk in a large wok, along with oil and spices - they will only need a minute of two in a warm wok to be heated through.
  • Canned green beans can be added to three-bean salads or potato salads, to give the dishes more flavor, texture, and nutrition. Potato salads made with mayonnaise, dry mustard powder, boiled, cooled nugget potatoes, hard-boiled eggs, and minced onion are quite delicious, and green beans will blend beautifully with this sort of recipe. However, when serving a group, any mayonnaise-based product will require careful refrigeration.
Green beans may be the perfect choice for feeding a large group, since they are affordable and tasty. Most Americans and Canadians will enjoy green beans, since they are a common choice in these cultures; however, green beans are also very popular in the national diets of France and China.

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