How Much Coleslaw To Feed 250 People?


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There's a recipe on the BBC Good Food website (found at that offers a recommended ingredient list that will be enough to serve six people. Now, if you are going to be working on an industrial scale to serve 250 people (and remember that it is probable that not everyone will want a serving), then multiplying the ingredient quantities by 40 should be the perfect solution to getting everything you require.

So - in a nutshell, this means that you would need to gather the following foodstuffs for your massive catering extravaganza to be possible:

• 240 tablespoons of plain yogurt
• Approximately 20 teaspoons of Dijon mustard
• 80 tablespoons of mayo
• 20 white cabbages
• 80 carrots
• 20 onions

Now - you may be thinking to yourself, not only does this look extremely expensive to make, but there may be some high logistics issues of getting it done properly. Because of this, you really should consider getting a caterer on board to help, someone who has exceptional ability when it comes to coordinating coleslaw and mixing things at the right frequency. Because of the volume you are dealing with, you've got to bear in mind that this isn't going to be as simple as mixing things together in a saucepan - instead, you've got to get advanced machinery which has been designed especially for this type of operation.

Best of luck, and make sure that you have the number of a good caterer on speed dial in case things go wrong!
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Beans, potato salad
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The "system" we used to use in the Deli I used to work in was a quarter pound per person. You also have to take into account : 1. Are there mostly adults? 2. What else is being offered to eat as sides?

This will help you figure out how to estimate how much you'll need so you don't order/make too much. :)

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