How Long Can Cooked Fish Sit Out Unrefrigerated?


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Cooked fish should only be left unrefrigerated for an hour or less. However, it is always the best policy to err on the side of caution and so should never really be kept unrefrigerated unless it is about to be consumed. It also depends on what the current room temperature is and if it is left in direct sunlight. Obviously, if the room temperature is high or it is in direct sunlight it should be put in the refrigerator straight away or it should be discarded.

Food poisoning can be very serious and so all possible precautions should be taken. If a restaurant or café is found to have given food poisoning to a customer, it can not only ruin their reputation but they can face a huge fine or even closure.

Some useful tips to avoid the risk of food poisoning are as follows:

• Always have raw meat sealed when in fridge and away from other items
• Wash all kitchen surfaces and never leave knifes or cutting boards with raw meat on
• Wash hands before preparing any food
• Re-wash hands straight after handling raw meat

As stated earlier although cooked fish could be OK for a few hours unrefrigerated, it is certainly not recommended and should be avoided when possible. Good kitchen hygiene is crucial to avoid the chances of food poisoning and so should always be a priority.

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