How Long Does It Take For An Onion To Go Bad?


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Onions last a surprisingly long time when they are kept in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight! You can expect your onions to last anywhere between 3 and 6 months.

How to Spot a Bad Onion
You can tell when an onion has gone bad because parts of it may be soft or squishy to the touch. There may be some coloring that looks like bruising and the outer layers of the skin will peel off easily. The firmer an onion is, the fresher it is.

Health Benefits of Onions
Onions not only add flavor to a huge variety of dishes, but they are also good for you. The average onion has lots of vitamin C and also vitamin B and a portion of onion is about 25 calories. Onions are often the first ingredient used in many dishes and the dish begins by frying onions on a low heat to release the flavors. If onions are gently simmered with butter or olive oil, they become caramelized and have a delicious sweet taste.

Another benefit of onions, that most people are not aware of, is their natural anti-histamine properties. Dutch researchers found that eating onions can help hay-fever sufferers and limit their symptoms.

Onion Recipes

If you end up with way too many onions and need some recipes to use them up before they go bad, consider making onion chutney. It is extremely easy to make and great to impress your guests with - especially if you slip into conversation that you made it yourself!

Here is a great recipe for Onion and Chilli Chutney. The recipe takes just 15 minutes to prepare and is then left to simmer for about an hour so all the flavors blend together and create a unique spicy fusion.

You can also use onions in soups, or fried with sausages and mash for a traditionally British dish.
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Onions can last up to a week if you do not refrigerate them. If you do refrigerate them, they tend to go bad faster. If they are cut then you have to refrigerate them until you use them.

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