Does Anyone Have A Recipe For Homemade Biscuits That Don't Need Cream Of Tartar, Or Baking Soda/powder?


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FROM SCRATCH Indian style and great grandma's secret trick too!

Best made in a WIDE low Big Bowl! Hers was wood and real old too!
FIRST pour some milk in a glass, and then add a big spoon of White Vinegar! (the secret trick)

Then cover it and put it a side!

Now sift your "Self Rising" Flour into the bowl!
Now make a Volcano of the Flour and put some Crisco Lard in the hole!

Then check the milk and"WOW" it is clambered Butter Milk!

Add some to the hole!
Now work the Milk, Flour, and Lard SLOWLY together!

Now flower the counter and your hands and put what you have on the flour and kneed some BUT DON"T OVER WORK IT!

Now rolling pin it about 1 inch thick and cut round biscuits out!

Preheat and grease and cast iron skillet and put the cut ones in the pan APART

Put in the already hot oven (325) 15 10 20 min.

Now the Left over dough in a bowl add Vanilla and one egg add more milk and make the BEST pancakes in the world!

Indian Stuff!
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It looks to me as if the ehow website recipe produces something more like a cookie. Bisquick is probably the best substitute if you have it.

Frankly, I cannot imagine being able to make biscuits (American) as opposed to English biscuits (which are cookies) without baking soda or baking powder.

An alternative would be to use a bread dough, made with yeast, and roll it out to about 1/4 inch thick, cut out your biscuits, let them rise and then bake them. Perhaps you could also use your normal cookie recipe, substituting dried yeast for the baking soda/powder.

If you have neither baking powder, baking soda, cream of tartar or bisquick mixture, then I do not think you can bake biscuits without an alternative raising agent, and yeast seems like the only one left. Hope you have some of that, at least!
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Wonderful answer, and thank you Felicity_X. I did a little experimenting. Used instant potoato, flour, egg and milk, and then the seasonings, pepper, chives, and a little salt. Rolled them out not too thick, or thin and baked them for about 30 or 40 minutes, they are relaly good, but a little spongy. Would go great as biscuits with sausage and gravy.
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Sounds delicious! Congratulations!

In England we make something very similar and call them potato cakes.
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I havent found one yet sorry :(
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Has Anyone tried Logic101's recipe? I would like to know how they turned out.
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The only thing I know is to use bisquick which already has all the ingredients in it you just add the liquid,the best to you......
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I looked alllll over and couldn't find one. If you have Bisquick, though, their biscuits are great. The recipe's on the box. Good luck!
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Well tig, I think you have enough answers to get you through the day, and then some. I'm glad because I don't have any recipe other than Bisquick.

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