How Do I Correct A Dish That Is Too Salty?


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Everyone has experienced this cooking disaster. Some of us more than once! There are several methods for correcting an overly salted dish, depending on the type of food you are preparing.

Soup that has been over-salted can be corrected by adding several chunks of potato. (The chunks should be large enough to be removed after they have absorbed the salt.)Continue to keep the soup hot while the potatoes slowly cook. This should take about one half hour.

If meat has been salted to excess, it may be a simple chore of removing the salt with a paper towel. If the meat has not yet been cooked, only a small amount of salt should have been absorbed.

Some flavorings are capable of masking salt. Added sugar can achieve this result, as long as the recipe orginally called for sugar. A sour taste such as lemon juice or vinegar may also be of help. Always use small amounts as you test the recipe for taste.

New salts are flooding the market and often they are produced in larger crystals than in the past. Always measure the salt in a spoon prior to adding. This may help to avoid spilling too many of the large crystals into your recipe.
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I think, for the dish that is too salty. sometimes we can add ingredients, such as water, or sugar, as they can make it a little less salty and lighter. But it depends on our taste too as some of us are not the same so do as we like, and try as we can for the best !
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Any way to correct too much salt in a vegetable casserole after it's been cooked??  Someone told me to freeze it and that will reduce the salt taste.  .  Could that be so??  Dianne
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I guess you could put a honey glaze on it it and warm it back up to help cover the taste. Or maybe even grind it up and make ham salad spread out of it for,1644,158190-242196,00.html

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