Fresh Laid Eggs Are Good For How Long Unrefrigerated?


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If you have your very own chicken coup, or are lucky enough to have access to one, you may ask yourself just how long fresh eggs are still edible without being refrigerated. The answer in general is that you should consume them the same day you collect them. And, if you'd like to stay out of the local emergency room, it can be important that you follow the correct storage instructions to prevent food poisoning.

Commercial egg producers are required to collect eggs as soon as possible and refrigerate them in temperatures of 45 degrees F until delivery to retailers. Experts point out that the longer an egg stays in the nest, the more likely it is to be broken, become dirty, or lose quality. Once you gather the eggs, it is advisable that you either cook them or refrigerate them as soon as possible. Once you have refrigerated the eggs, it's imperative to leave them in your refrigerator until you are ready to cook them, and they should never be left out more than two hours. A cold egg exposed to room temperatures for longer than two hours can sweat, which can lead to bacterial growth.

As for the question at hand, there is no steadfast answer, although most health experts will tell you they can be consumed up to 24 hours after collection from the nest, but there are a few factors involved. For example, the eggs need to be stored at am ambient temperature, as.  Fluctuations in temperature can cause the growth of bacteria, and consuming eggs that have bacterial growth can lead to food poisoning and potential serious health problems. Try to keep the eggs at a constant temperature until you are ready to first wash them with warm water, and then consume them.

So enjoy your fresh eggs the same day you collect them, or refrigerate them as soon as you collect them from the nest to get the best taste and nutrition.
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With normal temperatures, 3 to 4 days. Beyond that things start to happen. If it's hot, say in the 90's, cut that to 2. If you are worried, just test them before using. Place them in a container of water twice the length of the egg. If it floats to the surface, don't use it. If it stays submerged enjoy.

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