How Long Do Quail Eggs Stay Fresh For?


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Generally speaking, quail eggs will stay fresh for three to four weeks after the time of hatching - providing, of course, that they are refrigerated during this period of time. Some people prefer to keep eggs outside of the fridge at room temperature, in which case they'll take less time to go off and become rotten. Most farmers and supermarkets who sell quail eggs, however, would suggest that you store them in a refrigerator to ensure maximum freshness.

Some people believe that eggs fresh from a farmer or your back yard will keep for over a month on the basis that they spend less time in transit from hatching than those bought from the supermarket, which are usually imported from a farm. Although this theory has some basis in reality, to minimize health risks it's still advisable to consume your eggs within a month or less - especially seeing as though they can host the dangerous food-poisoning bacteria salmonella.

To check that your quail eggs are fresh and safe to eat before cooking, there are a number of simple tests you can carry out. One of the easiest of these can be done by dropping the egg gently into a shallow bowl of water. Eggs which are very fresh will sink to the bottom quickly due to having only a tiny air cell inside of them. Eggs which are less fresh and beginning to go bad will float and stand upright in the bowl rather than lying flat due to having a larger air pocket inside of them. To be on the safe side at all times, it's recommended that you throw away any eggs which are fully or partially cracked or broken, because the contents may have gone rancid as a result of reacting with atmospheric oxygen.

In summary, providing you follow the above guidelines, you should find yourself enjoying fresh quail eggs to their full taste potential!

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