How Many Pounds Of Chicken Salad Does It Take To Feed 40 People?


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To feed 40 people, around 20 pounds of chicken salad will be needed. This is assuming a number of other side dishes will be provided along with the chicken salad, such as vegetables and fries. Typically, a person will eat half a pound of meat at a formal meal. Of course, some will eat more, some will eat less. If you are feeding 40 rugby players, you will require closer to 40 pounds of chicken salad; if you are feeding 40 children you will need only 15 pounds of chicken salad.

• Additional advice

To be on the safe side, you should always prepare a few pounds extra just in case your guests are particularly hungry. You should also serve a few other dishes along with the chicken salad; you don't know if everyone will enjoy the dish. In addition, be sure to check whether anyone attending the dinner is vegetarian, or refrains from eating chicken for religious reasons. If there are, prepare an additional simple dish for these people.

• Preparation tips

You should make your chicken salad on the day of the dinner, to ensure the best fresh taste. Use balsamic vinegar and olive oil lightly to make a dressing; this adds a sophisticated touch to any meal. Cut your chicken meat into small, bite-size pieces and cook them until they are crispy in an oven. Add these to your salad along with fresh salad leaves and a small amount of mature cheese. These flavors will complement one another, and by the end of the meal everyone will be complementing your culinary skills! A tasty meal can be the success of any event, so no matter what the occasion is, put your best efforts into preparing a fantastic chicken salad, using only high quality ingredients.

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