What Is Vermouth Made From?


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Vermouth is a form of fortified wine which also contains aromatic herbs and spices. The exact recipe of this wine is till date a hidden and is closely guarded secret. The wine was invented by Antonia Benedetto Carpano who was from Turin, Italy. He got the inspiration to make this wine from a German wine which had been fortified with wormwood.

There are three general types of vermouth ranging from the driest to the sweetest, they are sweetest: dry, sweet/red and bianco/white. Sweet red vermouth is often consumed plainly as an aperitif. Dry white Vermouth is very commonly consumed along with gin or vodka and is a key ingredient in martinis. Red Vermouth is often referred as Italian vermouth or white vermouth.

The main manufactures of Vermouth are Martini and Rossi from Italy, Cinzano again from Italy, Noilly Prat from France, Distillerie Stock from Italy, Dubbonet from France and Bartissol also from Italy.

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