What Is Bacardi Made From?


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Bacardi is essentially made from molasses, along with yeast and water. They use different colour rums to make different flavour mixes. Bacardi comes from sugarcane molasses which then undergo fermentation with what is referred to as the 'Bacardi yeast' and purified water with certain nutrients. The fermented mash (also called vino) is then distilled which yields the various types of rums. The next stage would be charcoal mellowing then barrelling and aging. The stages of blending, filtration and bottling then follow.

The top of the line Bacardi would be Bacardi 8 which is aged for a total of 8 years. Another point to note is Bacardi Light outright outsells any other world rums. One of their famous products, the 151 is the flammable one and hence cannot be permitted on an airplane; it is 75 proof.
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. Saying Bacardi 151 Rum is 75 proof is incorrect. It is 151 proof. Hence Bacardi 151. With an abv of 75.5 %. If it was 75 proof that would make this spirit 37.5 % abv. And you make different color rums from how long it sits in barrels and how much molasses &/or Carmel has bin added into it.

Bacardi has bin passed down through 8 generations of the "Bacardi" family. Was orignally founded in 1862 by Don Facundo Barcardi Masso.

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