What Is Polony Made From?


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Polony is a pork sausage that is also known as baloney and bologna sausage.

  • What is in Polony?
The seasoned sausage is made up of a number of ingredients. It tends to have a number of various pork and beef scraps along with minced meat and a selection of fat. Those ingredients are also put into the mix with a combination of binders and spices to give the meat an extra flavor. The above are the ingredients that you are likely to find in polony in the majority of supermarkets and butchers in today's society. However, the original sausage which was introduced in Italy many years ago contained a mixture of pork and veal rather than beef.

  • Where does polony come from?
As mentioned above, the sausage originates from the European country of Italy. Specifically it comes from the city Bologna in the country which is why it is sometimes referred to as the bologna sausage. Many suggest that the recipe for the sausage first surfaced in the 17th century, which indicates it's long standing popularity among people in an array of countries all over the world.

  • What are the different types of polony?
There are a number of types of polony that are available for people to purchase in supermarkets as well as local butcher stores. In addition, you can try variations of the sausage in different places all over the world. For example, the majority of African butchers make up their own vegetarian version of the sausage which is known as chikanda. In addition, Islamc butchers have also produced their own kosher variety of polony. Moreover, India has been known to recreate the polony sausage by replacing the meat usually used to make it, with wheat and soya.
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Horse meat, pig fat, pork remains, vedgie oil, herbs, spices, and cocanut milk:
Then it is pressed together into a round role then cooked to make it stay together as well as wrapped up in wrapping so it wont crumble up afterwards....hope this didnt stop you from eating it, in fact I'm eating at the moment
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I suspected as much. No it hasn't put me off, I was just intrigued. I love the unnaturally coloured meat derivitive product!

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