What Is 'Perry' Made From?


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Perry, also known as pear cider, is made from fermented pear juice.  

It has a similar alcoholic content to that of cider (around 8%) and is made in a similar way.

It has been a common drink for many centuries in Britain, mainly in the west country and Wales.  It's also commonly found in France (the Normandy area), and Sweden.

Perry can also be found in a distilled form, rather like apple brandy.  

There was once a popular branded form of Perry called Babycham, which was sold in small champagne style bottles.  It was sold as principally a woman's drink, but has become unfashionable and is no longer as popular.  It was of lower strength than normal perry hence the name "light perry".  

Lambrini is another brand of light perry that was launched in 2000.  It is marketed under the slogan "Lambrini girls just want to have fun" and is currently dominant in the light perry market.

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