What Is Ouzo Made From?


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Ouzo is made from pressed grapes or raisins. At the initial stage of its production, it comes in a strong spirit. Throughout the preparation including the fermentation level, various of other herbs are added along with berries. Though the selection of the ingredients is varied on the choice of producers, but the common ingredients used to produce ouzo are as follows:-

• Coriander
• Cloves
• Angelica root
• Liquorice
• Mint
• Wintergreen
• Fennel
• Hazelnut
• Cinnamon and
• Lime blossom

The unique smell of ouzo is generally acquired from anise (or star anise). The alcohol and the flavour contents as positioned on the warm copper stills and refined. The quality of high-quality ouzo depends on the frequency of refinement. The more the refinement the more high-quality is derived. The strength of this sprit gets diluted following several months to some extent.

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