Where Do Macaroons Come From?


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Originally the macaroons cookie comes from Italy. The English term macaroon came from French word 'macaron' and from the Italian word 'macarone' which means 'dumpling'. In Scotland, macaroons are available in three varieties – biscuit, confection and fondant. In North America, the most popular variety of macaroon is Fraser Bell Cookies – which is actually coconut macaroon. In Austria and Spain, macaroons are popular in the name of carajitos, where hazelnuts and honey are one of the most important ingredients in their preparation. In legendary explanation, it is said that the macaroons were invented in an Italian monastery in 1792. Later two nuns, during French Revolution, baked and sold macaroons to support their livings and eventually these two nuns were known as 'macaroon sisters'. And this is how the recipe for macaroon spread and became popular.

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