Where Do Nuts Come From?


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Nuts grow on trees, plants and like potatoes in the dirt. Some nuts are in fact seeds of a plant as opposed to a nut. It depends on which variety of nut you are seeking.
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Yes Countvak is right. Peanuts are actually beans and they grow in the ground. Walnuts, pecans, almonds, I know grow on trees. The same is true of Brazil nuts. I am not sure about pistachios and hazelnuts, but someone probably knows. I used to have a walnut tree in my yard and a hickory nut tree. The nuts come in husks like the coconut only smaller, and must be removed from the outer shell to get to the inner shell that leads to the edible nut inside.
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Walnuts are on trees
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Walnuts grow on trees
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The hard-shelled fruits we call nuts differ widely in size and flavour. Walnuts, with their wrinkly, hard shells enclosed in a round, smooth husk, are a favourite in this country.
A nut that is very hard to crack but most delicious to eat is the Brazil nut. These three-sided nuts grow in clusters of twenty or more, tightly packed in a hard, round shell. As soon as the nut is ripe, it falls to the ground, and, as the trees are often over thirty meters high, it is riot surprising that the natives will avoid them in a strong wind!
The almond tree with white blossoms produces bitter almonds, which are used in the manufacture of flavouring extract and drugs used in medicine. Sweet almonds come from the tree with pink blossoms, which is grown extensively in Western Asia, in the Mediterranean region and in California,
The most valuable of all nuts, however, is the coconut. At first, it grew only along the East Indies coast and in the South Sea Islands, but it is now found in the tropics of all the continents. Its food values high because it contains much oil and some protein.
One native English nut is the hazel, which is grown mainly in Kent. Hazelnuts lie in leafy cups in clusters of two, three, or four, and from their light brown shade we get the color "hazel".
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Nuts come from plants which are natural
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I'm pretty sure they are found in many places in the world and are grown on plants, such as a tree or bush.

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