Where Does The Almond Nut Come From And How Good For You Is It?


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First of all, the almond it more related to a peach pit then a nut. They grow on trees in Asia, North Africa and can be found in the Caribbean. Most all of the commercially grown almonds in the United States are grown in California. The almond "pit" grows inside of a leathery fruit. Of the two varieties, sweet and bitter, the sweet are the ones most commonly used. The bitter variety can actually be poisonous when eaten raw, but when processed it is used in the making of Amaretto or blanched, and sold packaged in slivers to be used in cooking and baking.

Almonds are a source of the "good " HDL cholesterol, calcium, magnesium, and anti oxygen vitamin E. And you will find 12% of your daily protein needs in just one ounce of almonds. Almonds, ground up like flour, have been a successful substitute for baking for folks with an intolerance for gluten products. And like eating most raw food, Almonds are a great source of fibre.
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Almonds grow on trees, which are called deciduous trees.  They are native to the Middle East countries, and have a white or light pink 5-petaled flower.

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