How Do I Peel The Skin From Filbert Nuts?


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The Filbert is a variety of hazel nuts found in south-western Asia and south-eastern Europe. These nuts have a coarse shell and it is fairly common to find unshelled nuts in supermarkets.

In order to remove the shells try following the following simple steps. Heat an oven to 325°. Put the nuts in a lightly buttered dish and put it in the preheated oven. Bake the nuts for approximately ten to fifteen minutes and stir them occasionally. Take them out of the oven and without wasting any time rub the nuts vigorously with a clean towel-this will separate the nuts from their skins.

The word Filbert is often used in Oregon to refer to the common hazelnuts. Occasionally Filbert Nuts are grown in orchards. Like hazel nuts, the Filbert is especially delicious when combined with smooth dark chocolate.

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