How Do You Peel Cabbage?


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Bear in mind that most people simply chop or shred cabbage without bothering to peel it. If you feel the need to peel cabbage, do so from head (you will find that the cabbage leaves practically fall off). You can try peeling cabbage leaf by leaf. You might find it helpful to keep the cabbage in the freezer prior to peeling the same.

A cabbage soup diet is a popular method of weight loss among weight-watchers worldwide. There are plenty of recipes available online along with variations of the basic recipe.

While you can add a variety of seasoning as well as foods to spice up your basic cabbage soup, remember that it will probably not help you if weight loss is your main goal.
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Cut your cabbage in half, remove the core, and then remove the cabbage leaf. You should try to buy a large cabbage this will help.

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