What Is The Best Potato To Use For French Fries And The Best Way To Prepare?


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For the best French fries to be made one should try using hand chopped U.S. Grade No. 1 potatoes which are fresh and have 70 to 90 potatoes in a 50 pounds container. Great fries are prepared by cutting with the skin on to boost the domestic form and taste.    The peeled potatoes are then placed in cold water for ten to thirty minutes before frying to maximize the crispy taste and avoid sticking of potatoes while they are being fried. To prevent the turning of potatoes dark one can include vinegar in the icy liquid.    One needs to dry the potatoes before frying to reduce the oil and fats to be absorbed by the potatoes and must ensure that the oil being used is fresh and at a proper hot temperature.
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Oh, and make sure the oil is very hot when you put the first tester in. The hotter the oil, the less grease is absorbed into the chip.

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