How Many Calories In A Portuguese Roll?


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Finally nutritional value of Portuguese Roll was put out on display in my grocery store!  It's says : Serving size: 57g= 120 calories. But one roll equal 1.5 serving.  I've weigh all my rolls , they were between 99g or that mean average Portuguese roll is 100 gram. So after calculating it come out to for every gram =2.2 calorie. Which would give us 220 calorie per Portuguese roll.    I just want to add that I am European girl and I am so use to eating this kind of "bread" in Germany people call them BROTCHEN and in Poland they're called BULKA so after coming here to U.S. I was devastated that regular bread here is Toast bread?! We don't eat that in Europe! After quick search I found Portuguese Rolls to taste exactly the same as my favourite, "normal" bread. Ofcourse we European girls we're always watch what we eat so I went desperate about finding out the calorie this rolls thats my story here. I hope that my little research was also helpful to YOU!  Kinia :D

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