How Many Calories In A Kilogram?


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This question is impossible to answer as calories and kilograms are units of two different things. Calories are a measurement of energy which is most often used in food types, despite being made archaic by the introduction of the joule. Kilograms on the other hand, are a measure of the mass of an object or material. Despite Albert Einstein's famous equation E=mc? (Energy = mass x speed of light?) showing that energy and mass are interchangeable, this is a little complex and perhaps unnecessary for answering your question. In order to make your question answerable, you should state what material the kilogram is made of, although this would ideally be some form of food stuff as this is the only occasion where calories are still used as a unit of energy.

To avoid confusion I should really explain that there are in fact two types of calories, 'gram calories' and 'kilogram calories'. As you may have guessed, one 'kilogram calorie' is equal to one-thousand 'gram calories'. Kilogram calories are the types of calorie that is used to measure the energy in food stuffs, and, despite the name, it does not refer in any way to the 'mass of the calorie', it merely comes from how the unit is derived- it is the energy needed to heat a kilogram of water so that its temperature increases by 1°C.
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1 kg = 7,700 Calories. In other words to lose 1 kg, you'll have to burn 7,700 calories or to gain 1 kilogram, you'll have to consume an extra 7,700 Calories.
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1 kilogram is equal to 7716.17917647 calories, or 1000 grams
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There are only 7000 calories
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There is no relationship of calories with kilograms. They are two separate things. Kilogram is used as a weight unit and calorie is used as unit of energy.
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To gain 1 kilogram, you need to eat 7,700 calories. Conversely, to lose 1 kg, you need to remove 7700 calories from your diet
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Thanks zuhail, I was waiting for this answer.
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Actually, kilograms are measure of MASS, not weight. Someone with a mass of 72 kg on earth has a mass of 72 kg on the moon. Weight depends on gravity.

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