What Does Q.b. Mean In Portuguese Recipes?


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The term q.b. in Portuguese recipes refers to the words "quanto basta". Quanto basta is a Portuguese phrase that translates to "as much as you desire/want". It is used for those ingredients in a recipe whose quantity can be adjusted or fluctuate. Spices like salt and chillies are necessarily added according to a set quantity or they may ruin the preparation. Other ingredients however like meat, vegetables, water (for the gravy) etc can be added as per need or requirement and hence are written as q.b. or Quanto Basta.

It is important to note that even though the term is used in cases where a person is allowed to determine the amount of a said ingredient the level of freedom is not that great. Let's assume that the recipe tastes best for a kilo of meat and that the ingredients are measured out for that amount of meat, if a person is now to use three kilos of meat the meal may simply taste very bland.

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