Can You Give Me Some Recipes Using Flaky Pastry?


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There are number of recipes that are made of using flaky pastry. Lets consider the preparation called Flaky d Vanilla.

To prepare Flaky d Vanilla, you need the following ingredients:


� 1pkg Frozen flaky pastry shell
� 2 tbsp flour
� 1 beaten egg
� 3 tbsp vanilla cream
� 3 tbsp whipped cream
� � tsp vanilla extracts
� 2 tbsp butter
� � cup of sugar


Bake pastry shell properly. Mix flour, beaten egg, sugar and milk in a pan and warm it in low heat until it gets thickened. As it is done, add butter and vanilla extracts into it and mix it very well. Now put it down from heat and allow it to become cold and then refrigerate for 5 hours. After that, put a pastry shell, add the mixture on it, put another shell and above that put vanilla cream along with whipped cream. Again cover it up with a shell. That means, your final Flaky d Vanilla will be in this order 1 shell (at bottom) ~ Mixture ~ 1 shell (middle) ~ Vanilla and whipped cream ~ 1 shell (at top). Now put a fresh cherry onto the top to give it a real yummy look!

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