Do You Have To Make Porridge With Milk?


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Porridge is prepared by boiling crushed oats with water and milk. It is considered as a go-to-eat meal, since it is a quick meal to prepare. Oats were originated in Central Europe and the first trademark cereal was Quarter Oats.

Across the globe, it is served as a breakfast. Rice, wheat, cornmeal, barley and peasemeal are also some other meals served as porridge. Grains or legumes are easily digestible with porridge. It also used as a treatment, to cure the sick. Porridge is inexpensive and easy to cook because it is made out of wheat, corn, rice, oat, barley or millet. It is termed as a healthy food, since it is low on fat, and has a moderate count of proteins and calories.

However, Gruel is a thin porridge that is prepared only with water.

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