What Is Beef Consommé?


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Consommé is a type of soup, clear in consistency, made out of meat which is strained or any kind of vegetable stock, and can be served either hot or cold, in the form of a jelly. Beef is commonly used to make this type of soup, hence the name beef consommé.

The name consommé is the past participle of the verb consommer in French, which means 'to use up', in turn derived from the Latin word, consummare, meaning 'to finish'.

Consommé is mostly consumed in the form of soup, although sometimes it can also be used as a base for various types of sauces.

A double consommé is something which is prepared by decreasing it till it becomes half of what it was in terms of volume, in this way it possesses twice the flavour of an ordinary consommé.
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Hate to dissagree! But i think (know) youare wrong about the double consomme thing..
If you boil consomme to reduce you lose the fresh flavour and you are in fact making sauce, and why would you want half of a good thing. A double consomme is a made with a stock that has been put back on and cooked for a second time with fresh bones.

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