What Are The 3 Easiest Alcoholic Drinks You Can Make At Home?


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Making yourself an alcoholic drink at home should be a relaxing and enjoyable affair. You don't want to be crushing ice, shaking drinks and juggling bottles every time you get up to make a drink, but that doesn't mean your drinks choice needs to be restricted to drinking vodka and coke either.

Three great drinks you can try at home Here are three of my favourite 'so simple you can't screw them up' alcoholic beverages that you can make at home:

1) White Russian- The interesting thing about the White Russian is that it can be as easy or as complicated as you want to make it. The recipe requires 25ml of vodka and 25ml of coffee liqueur (Kahlua or Tia Maria do just find), which is pretty easy to remember already.

If you're looking for a no hassle finish to your White Russian just top up with some full fat milk and give it a stir.

Here's a great example below of how to mix a White Russian:

2) Vanilla vodka and pink lemonade-

I'm including this in the list because it represents two basic principles of making a great drink in a really simple way. The first is flavoured vodka. This will allow  you to give your drink a particular taste without all the hassle of adding any extra ingredients.

Flavoured vodka is available in hundreds of different flavours these days, vanilla vodka is a nice way to sweeten up a drink.

Secondly, the addition of pink lemonade gives the drink an alluring colour. Regular lemonade would have done fine, but it's just not as fun is it?

3) Cuba Libre- The cuba libre is well known as one of the easiest drinks to make, as it's basically just a rum and coke. The trick to making a Cuba Libre jump from average to amazing is in your choice of rum.

Everyone is going to have their favourite rum, but for me something like an Angostura 1919 would really do the trick. A shot or two of that, squeeze in a lime wedge or two and top with coke. Very easy to make, even easier to drink.
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You have many different options if you wish to make a drinkable drink and alcoholic at that, in your own home! It all depends on your own ingenuity and creativity, and you can bring forth all your un-harnessed creative talents to make authentic colourful alcoholic drinks to serve your guests next time.

For example, take 1.0 oz Espresso coffee, the same amounts of coffee liqueur, Godiva liqueur, Vodka and Chambord. Pour everything into a cocktail shaker, shake it up, and hey presto, there you have a new drink!

Another thing you can try is this one: Take 1.0 oz of fruit punch, 1.5 oz dry gin, and 0.75 oz fresh pineapple juice, mix them all together, serve. This can be a colourful drink.

Another recipe: Take 1.0 oz each of bourbon, gin, rum and grain alcohol, shake them up, and serve! Beware; this drink may be a bit too strong!
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