How Can I Pretend To Be Sober When I Get Really Drunk?


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There are many ways to hide one's drunkenness, but they also vary from person to person. Some people are naturally very good at acting sober, when indeed they are sloshed out of their minds. If you are not that good at it, here are some tips that will help you.

First of all, the smell of alcohol through your breath is always the most obvious give away. There are many myths surrounding the cures of alcohol breath, including sucking on lemons, or different types of fruit that help, etc. These rarely work, and usually end up getting the person that tried them caught. To get rid of alcoholic breath, it is wise to ingest something that tastes even stronger and has a smell that will override that of the alcohol. An example would be blackcurrant nectar, or juice. Overriding the smell of alcohol is almost the same as getting rid of it. No one can tell.

If you are one of those people that develops 'bloodshot' or red eyes when drunk, then you should invest in some over-the-counter eye drops that are used in curing just that specific problem. One drop in each eye, after getting wasted, will whiten your eyes once again, and you will have gotten rid of another tell-tale sign that you are drunk.

The last piece of advice that I can give you is to not drink over your limit. Or if you must, then the best way is to keep yourself hydrated the whole time. This is possible if after every alcoholic drink, you have a glass of water, before moving onto your next alcoholic drink. This will ensure that you remain a bit hydrated and will be able to concentrate better when you really need to. And this will help when the time comes to stop making your drunken funny faces and make your sober poker face. Also, you will fall down less.
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When I hide being drunk from my mom, I refresh my make up [if your a girl], comb my hair & neaten myself up. I chew some FRUIT FLAVOURED gum, because it gets rid of the alcoholic breath, and if you come home honking of mint - its obvious your covering something up.
Another thing I do, is to try & lie down before going home. It gets rid of your dizzyness, & makes you sick if you need to be. If your not sick whilst out, you will probly be sick once home & then the whole games up.
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Well . From what I havee drank I get pissed really easy!
Well if you are going home after drinking a lot just come home late and make sure you can say I'm tired I'm going to bed and bring water to your room with you and asprin
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Pretending to be sober after a full drink is not in your hand; rather it is on the hand of the opponents who are receiving you. So, the best solution is to fix the appointment beforehand (don't chose your spouse for the purpose who never cares for your soberness!). The partners of your drink will always rejuvenate with your (and theirs' too) extreme soberness (so you really need not to be pretend for that!). You may over tip, give valuables to the beggars to prove your soberness by means of your sober sense. So, it is now advisable (when you are not occupied with the heavenly liquid) to leave all the valuables, credit cards, chains, important papers at home or office before leaving for attending any drink party where you may need to be pretended for a sober personality (are you really not?).

Once you are aware that you become rouge after a full drink, then why to drink? No specific prescriptions can be provided for any full drunk personnel to remember his/her primary teaching. Only thing, you can prepare in advance. If drinking can not be avoided for any reason, then be sober before you black out; give strong instruction to the bartenders not to serve you more than a specified limit which you can consume. Be in good cloth, which may sometimes influence resisting the deteriorating soberness at the end. Keep one trustworthy in standby to look after you and take you off the place, if desired.
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You can't really because in most cases the pupils dilate
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Thats pretty funny! Hmm, I guess you really wouldnt be able to hide being sloshed, but I have always just smoked a lot of cigarettes. That way they can't smell the alcohol. Another good way to hide it is to just not talk, the more you talk, the easier it wil be to tell if you are drunk.
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say nothing! just nod if your asked something, cause once you open your mouth your doomed!
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If you can like I can just walk forwards past the person while chewing gum and put on axe after and go to the bathroom lie down 1 min after taking a pee this helps you walk straighter. And when walking past them just push your hands against the wall slightly like you always do and its that easy but don't talk or youre screwed
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Find a toilet stall and stay there. People expect the ladies to take lots of time. ;-) If you're that drunk, many of them will have already left to go sleep it off by time you finish and are ready to come out.
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You can't control yourself not looking drunk if you get drunk its something you show even if you do not realise
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So if you don't want to get drunk, why do you drink then!!?? If you are drunk, just enjoy your ethilic foolishness cause any attempt to look sober will make you look not only drunk but ridiculous.

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