Why Is Lemon Juice Made With Artificial Flavor And Dishwashing Liquid Is Made With Real Lemons?


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Well the answer may be a simple one you don't have to taste or drink dish washing, liquid so it doesn't need preservatives to keep it tasting good and sour.Although, we don't know what else it has in it, we don't care because we are not eating it.
For lemon juice for cooking and drinks, the juice has to be stabilised to stop it from deteriorating over time on the shelf, discolouring, or tasting yuck.
So preservatives, or as you say artificial flavours, are added to make it really sour . It would be nice if our food was more natural.
However, I never by juice like this off the shelf, but instead, buy lemons, which can be cut and squeezed when and if you want them, right then, and stored right through winter and summer.

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