Is Lemon Juice Okay To Use 6 Months After It Expires?


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If you have a bottle that as expired - used it combined with salt and ice cubes to clean your glass Mr. Coffee pots - just place ice cubes in cold pot, sprinkle with salt and add lemon juice - swirl to clean; use it to soak your hands to remove onion or bleach odors; use it in the final rinse for your hair to bring out highlights; use it as a foot soak; drizzle on your wooden cutting boards and sprinkle with salt and scrub them clean; add to your hot soapy dish water to cut grease; use it in your dishwater to make glasses sparkle - just don't digest it!
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I wish i could give you 6 stars. That answer was better than an episode of " how clean is your house?" lol...
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Thank you cspook7 - I run a tight ship!

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