Can You Give Me A Recipe For Making Muesli?


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The Bricher –Benner muesli recipe is prepared with the following ingredients:
In 2-3 tablespoons water soak around 1-2 tablespoon rolled oats. Then add 1 tablespoon lemon juice and sweet cream each. Subsequently add one large apple, which is preferably sour, finely grate it and mix it with the above ingredients. You can also add 1 tablespoon grounded almonds or hazelnuts.

Muesli is a famous breakfast cereal in Swiss German. It is prepared with fruits and uncooked rolled oats. There are two types of muesli; they are basically dry muesli and fresh muesli.

Dry Muesli is prepared mainly with rolled oats and wheat flakes, along with dry fruits nuts and seeds. It can be conveniently stored for months and can be served with milk or fresh juice.

Fresh Muesli is prepared with rolled oaths soaked in fruit juice or water, along with grated apple. However, fresh milk should not be mixed with fresh milk since it forms curds, due to the presence of acid in the apple.

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