What Should An Athlete Eat During A Track Meet?


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It is absolutely vital for an athlete to eat the right foods during a track meet and also drink plenty of water to remain hydrated and in the best physical health possible to achieve their full potential.
Healthy snacks are the best thing to eat during a track meet. You should eat them in small portions in case you need to do some vigorous exercise shortly after eating. Exercising on a full stomach can be both difficult and uncomfortable and you will not perform to the best of your ability. Small portions of fruit and vegetables should be cut up and placed into little Tupperware containers.  Carrots, celery, apples, grapes, cucumber or any other fruits or vegetables that you particularly enjoy can be chopped up small to graze on throughout the day. Bananas are also great as they slowly release a lot of energy throughout the day and require no preparation. It is not recommended that you chop up a banana before-hand because it can become soft, brown and unappetising. Nuts and raisins are also brilliant to snack on.
The day before the track meet you should have a large evening meal that consists of plenty of carbohydrates and protein to ensure you have plenty of energy for the following day. At the beginning of the day you should have a healthy and nutritious breakfast which includes carbohydrates and fruit such as porridge or muesli with chopped fruits onto. Low fat yoghurt is also a great thing to include in your breakfast.
Take something light yet filling for your lunch such as a pasta salad or a sandwich cut into small pieces so you can eat a little bit at a time throughout the day. It is extremely important to stay hydrated and you should continuously sip your water throughout the day. Try to avoid large gulps as it can cause discomfort in your stomach. If you start to feel tired, have a high energy drink such as Lucozade.
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The magic word for foods to be eaten during a track meet is 'nutritional'. Healthy snacks are your best bet. Think fruits, nuts, granola bars and popcorn to snack on. Don't forget cut up veggies, low-fat yogurt, and most importantly water. Options include apples, pretzels, oranges or orange juice and raisins.

You can get creative with snack recipes. Think about carting a sports drink or glucose. A track member is required to eat wisely not just at the track meet but every single day since he or she can actually deplete his or her body glycogen during a track meet.

The night before a game, take large carbohydrate servings; like, for instance, eat pasta. You can snack while your meet is going on as well as during halftime.
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So you should definitely not be eating any foods that are high in fiber during a track meet. You should be eating vegetables, or eating healthy, during the week beforehand but on the day of the meet it is important to eat foods that are high in simple sugars and carbohydrates. If you are racing all day, semi-constant consumption of foods with simple sugars, such as rice crispy squares, allow for quick access to energy. Eating a sandwich, without all of the vegetables, is good for any long breaks between events.
Eating vegetables and foods high in fiber require a lot of time for digestion. On the day of the meet you do not want to load up with foods that will be sitting in your stomach and intestines for hours. This also causes cramping, does not give you a lot of energy, and weighs you down.
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Eat small things like a granola bar or just have water.  The only thing is  with water is DO NOT DRINK IT IN BIG GULPS!!!!!  Take it slowly and with little sips!  IF NOT YOUR STOMACH STARTS TO HURT WHILE RUNNING!
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Don't eat oranges!
That guy at the top is dumb
anything acidic like citris will give horrible cramps before a race!
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The last answer was great, and mainly right. But you do need to keep in mind that eating too much is very bad! And if you run distance, you will probably get cramps. So don't over eat, or eat RIGHT before your event.
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NO BANANAS. Bananas will give you cramps
don't eat things with high sugar
eat fibre
but, don't eat a lot before

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