How much total calories should I be eating a day (male, 5'9, 19 yrs, 170 pounds) and how can I keep track with how many calories I eat?


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You could install a calorie tracker mobile app (most of these apps also track your macro-nutrients), or you could go with the good old fashioned food log.

According to , you need about 2,450 calories to maintain your weight if you are lightly active.

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They have calorie counter books and probably a app for it. Sounds like your a little under weight but its up to u

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Johnny Bravo
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Can't be? I'm chubby. Got a mini pot belly so I would like to start watching what I eat.
otis campbell
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Well muscle weighs more then fat so start working out
Johnny Bravo
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Yeah about that I use to weight 113 when I was 16 very skinny but I was working on muscle did about 1,000 sit-ups a day and had a six pack but then I got admitted in a psych ward by the police and in there they forced me to take some pill everyday that would suppose to help with my schizophrenia and it had a side effect of making me gain weight . After about 15 months of taking it I got out 250 pounds no muscle and I hated my self. I sliced my arm with the knife all the time wanted to die because I thought I looked hideous, goofy and all that insanely hard word went right down the drain. It's been 2 years and I'm still fat and depressed about it. I use to love working out but I just can't anymore I don't know why, just can't.
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If you exercise moderately you should consume around 2900 calorie a day. Here is a link to a calculator if you are less or more active.

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