I Weigh 150 Pounds I Want To Loose 10 Pounds How Many Calories Should I Eat Per Day?


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First of all - DON'T stay away from carbs. That's an unhealthy diet that might damage your system. Balanced diet with lots of vegetables, whole grains, and non-deep-fried cooking will help you losing weight and keep you healthy.

Never go for fast solutions, if you want a healthy and happy life.
My fiend lost a lot of weight, because she just stopped eating candies and junk food - she won't eat even one little candy. This method is the best.
Eat EVERY DAY, never skip a meal.
Eat half of your regular meal size, two times slower than you used.
Drink only water / green tea.
Go for a 1/2 hour walk every day.

If you'll stick to that I guarantee you twill look good and feel good,
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When ever consider dieting you should always consult your doctor.  Drink plenty of fluids and water.  Exercise 30 minutes 5 days a week.  Stay a way from sugars and carbs as much as possible.  Eat 3 meals daily.  Don't skip a meal.  Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.  The normal calorie intake for one is 2000 calories a day you can try going down to 1800 then lower but nothing lower than 1500.  But consult your doctor.  You can also join a gym or get a friend to join you.  Support helps a lot.  Good luck.
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For perfect planning thats customized and not standard visit ...or gogle it...then click on my pyramid planner, fill out the info, and resgester as a member.... Then go back to the home page and click on my menu planner,and that will help keep track of calories and other stuff like of luck!!!!!
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At 150 pounds, your maintenance caloric intake (calories needed to maintain your weight) would be:

150(bodyweight in lb) x 15 = 2,250 calories/day.

To lose 1 pound a week from diet alone, cut out 500 calories a day from 1,750 calories/day.

To lose 2 pounds a week, you could do 1 hour of cardio on an elliptical 7 times a week to burn an additional 500 calories/day.

2 pounds/week is a good number to shoot for...You could also further restrict your calories to reach this goal, but don't go below 1,200 calories as a woman or 1,500 as a man.

Stick to an effective diet/exercise system to handle this and you will see results.

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I watched a show once that said it should be 10%, so if you want to way 140 you should eat 1400 calories per day.
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Thank you for sharing the information!

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Yeah I'm 12 and weigh 154 pounds. How many calories do I need to lose to be 130 pounds

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