How Many Calories Should I Be Eating A Day If I Want To Lose Weight? I Know Women Can Have 2000 Calories Per Day But Shouldn't I Aim For A Lesser Amount If I Am Losing Weight?


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The main aim when losing weight is to burn more calories than what you eat. You do need a certain amount of calories in order to be healthy so you really shouldn't cut them down too much. Some weight loss experts say that if you want to lose weight you should aim to eat around 400 calories per meal. However, generally it doesn't really matter how many calories you consume, as long as you burn them off.

Calories are not the only things you have to watch if you want to lose weight. The amount of fat also contributes. Too many people obsess with calories, that they don't realise that all they have to do is moderate the food that they eat. For example, if you would normally have a chocolate bar every day, try cutting that down to one a week or one every couple of days to start with. This will cut out some of the calories you consume. If you try and have smaller portions of food, you will lose weight.

So really it doesn't matter about the calories as long as you don't overeat at meal times and you exercise regularly, you will lose weight.
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A low calorie diet will trigger a "survival instinct" that will cause you to lose weight initially, but the weight loss will cease and you will be left feeling weak. Hardly helpful for reducing body fat.

Say your body is used to 1500 calories and you reduce your intake to 1,000 a day. Since your body is used to running on 1500 calories a day, it must make up for the 500 calories you are no longer eating. It does this by burning glycogen and protein stores (water weight). When those are gone, our metabolism slows down so we won't starve to death, which means our body is running slower (weak, moody feeling). Progressively, your body sees you are not eating enough, so it goes into "survival instinct" mode and starts to store some calories (say, 200) as fat, leaving you with less calories (800)for energy (weaker, more moody feeling). At this point, we are usually unwilling to deprive ourselves of food for an unhelpful low-calorie diet. That's when we revert to our old patterns of eating and gain our weight back.

In summary, the amount of calories you consume don't affect your body weight compared to what you eat.

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Half of what you can eat
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I am also doing a weight loss diet. Thanks for share with me this information spanish dictionary

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Well I ate 800 calories a day and that worked for me and my mum but we also had very filling up
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