How To Make Qrange Squash? Give Me Complete Recipe?


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It is very simple to make orange squash at home. First of all note the ingredients of orange squash which are given below:
Fresh orange juice: 10 cup
Sugar: 6 cups
Potassium metabi sulphate: ¼ tea spoon
Now note the procedure of orange squash: First take fresh oranges and make juice in juicer machine. Then filter the juice with a muslin cloth and make sure that pith is overspread with juice. And also check that when you take juice in the juicer then orange seeds After making juice then stir sugar with a wooden spoon in the orange juice until it dissolved. Then Sieve twice through a fine muslin cloth.

Dissolve potassium metabi sulphate in ¼ cup Luke warm water and add in the orange juice. Wash the bottles with boiled water and dry then well then pour the prepared juice till the head of the bottles. Seal the cork with melted wax and leave for 15 days in a cool dry place. After 15 days check the bottles and shake them well before use. You use it for drink as just put two table spoons is a glass, fill the water, put ice in it and mix all these think with a spoon. After that your refreshing and pure drink is really. With this method you can also make lemon Squash.

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