How To Make Orange Sauce And Orange Jam?


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Orange Sauce
There are various types of sauces with sweet, sour and salty dishes. This orange sauce is ideal with puddings, tarts and ice creams. I hope you should enjoy it. So note the ingredients first:
Juice of two large oranges
Arrowroot power one table spoon
Finely chopped peel of half orange
Castor sugar two spoons
Now note the procedure of orange sauce: First add water in orange juice to make it about three cups. Then mix arrowroot powder with water to form paste. Then add peel and sugar in the juice and boil. Add arrowroot paste and cook for further 3 – 4 minutes or until thick. Cool and use as desired.

Orange Jam
Ingredients: Orange pulp (remove seeds) and juice 1 ½ kg , Sugar one kg, water ½ kg or approx five cups, Dash orange food color
Now note the procedure of orange jam: Boil the fruit juice and pulp with water until soft. Add sugar and orange food color, cook until thick and store in clean bottles. It can be used when cold.

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