How To Make Orange Curd Tart?


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The orange curd tart is a baking dish. Just note the complete recipe of it.
The ingredients for tarts: (Approx 12 – 18 tarts) Two cups flour, 2 ½ table spoon baking powder, dash salt, six table spoon butter, two table spoon sugar and little milk to mix
The ingredients for Curd: Orange juice two cups, butter two table spoon, Castor sugar ½ cup, corn flour one table spoon and lemon juice one table spoon.

Now note the procedure: First sieve flour and salt. Then rub in butter and add sugar in it. Then bind it with milk. Cut the rounds to fit in the tart or patty tray. Bake for 15 minutes in pre-heated oven or on gas mark 7. Cool the tarts after preparing. Now cook orange juice on slow fire gradually, adds butter, sugar, lemon juice and corn flour. Cook curd until thick. After preparing this fill in the cold tart with the hot curd and serve it hot or cold as you like.

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