How To Make Orange Juice In A Simple Way?


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Orange juice is obtained by squeezing the interior of an orange. Therefore the simplest method to extract orange juice is to peel the rough, hard, bitter rind and expose the inner fleshy part of the orange. Either put the orange through a press if you have one, or use a juicer.

Both these methods are fast and efficient and cause the least amount of trouble. If you do not have either of these appliances, you can use a mixer and then strain the pulp to obtain the juice. In poorer countries, people often use a blunt conical stone or piece of wood to extract the juice. The stone is placed in a dish and the orange is placed on top of the stone. The orange is then slowly pressed against the tip of the stone until it gets pierced. It is then pressed more and more until all the juice is extracted and the seeds and thin-skin covering is left behind. In many parts of the world (especially Europe) Orange juice is associated with breakfast. One orange produces around 90 grams of juice. Orange juice is an excellent source of vitamin C. It also contains potassium and flavonoids which are very beneficial to health.
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You can just squeeze with your hands that's what I do because I don't have a juicer or anything same for limeade and lemonade

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