How Do I Make Carne Asada?


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Carne Asada is a Mexican beef specialty. Ingredients that you would typically require are:

� Beef Steak
� Salt
� Vinegar
� Soya sauce
� Garlic
� Lime juice
� Oil
� Pepper
� Oregano
� Tomatoes
� Baby onions
� Corn
� Cheese

Mexican steaks are very different from American or European steaks because they tend to be very hot. Use chilies as per your taste buds but the more the better. If you have a tender palate then use mustard instead of chilies. Mix the vinegar, garlic, Soya sauce, pepper, onions, tomatoes and oregano to make it a paste. Now coat this paste on to the sides of the steak. Let the steak soak in the paste, cover it with silver foil paper and let it marinate for 6 hours. Now bake it in the oven at about 240 degree Celsius. Heat the corn with cheese on it. After baking the stake garnish it with the corn and cheese.

Carne Asada can also be served with tacos or tortillas. You could use Worcestershire sauce instead of Soya sauce for variety.
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To make carne asada burritos, you need salt, six limes, salsas, canola oil, black pepper which has been freshly cracked, Monterey Jack cheese, beef skirt steak which has been trimmed of its excess fat and refried beans, though the refried beans is optional.

You have to cut the limes in half, the meat into lengths of about 4 inches long, let it marinate in the lime juice, remove the meat from the marinate, pat it dry, heat oil in a sauté pan which has a heavy bottom over a medium-high heat. The meat is added one piece at a time when the oil is quite hot.

The meat should be seared for about a minute or two per side, the meat should be removed from the pan, placed on a plate first and then on a cutting board (when it is cool enough to handle), cut into thin strips and placed on a plate and kept in the oven at the lowest setting.

To make the burritos, the tortilla is heated in the microwave oven for a duration of about 20 seconds, placed on a large teaspoons, the meat is put in a line on the edge of the plate, salsa and cheese is added on the top of the line of meat, the tortilla is rolled over the mixture of meat, the edges are folded to the right and left of the mixture and the tortilla is rolled until it becomes a tight cylinder.

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