How Do You Make A Mimosa?


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Mimosa is a type of a cocktail which is very easy to make. The classic mimosa is made with the help of champagne and fresh orange juice. All you need to do is take one ounce of orange juice and three ounces of champagne and pour it in a tall flute glass. Make sure to add the orange juice first. Do not stir. The champagne being thicker will easily mix down with the orange juice. There are many other mimosa recipes you can make and are ready to serve. Some of them are Peach mimosas, Passion fruit mimosas, Citrus Berry mimosas and Cherry mimosas. Mimosas are reported to have been originated in 1925. It is usually served in weddings. Other variations of mimosas include Lilosa, Manmosa and Fauxmosa.
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Its an alcoholic breakfast beverage consisting of one part champagne (or pretend champagne, which it USUALLY is, aka sparkling white wine), and one part orange juice (any kind of OJ is acceptable, but really can make a big difference. Pulp, no pulp, fresh, frozen, which brand, etc.).

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