What Is A Mimosa Drink?


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A Mimosa is a simple yet very tasty cocktail made by combining equal parts champagne and fresh orange juice.

In the UK this combination is known as a 'Bucks Fizz', but usually has a higher ratio of orange juice to champagne.

Drinking a mimosa Mimosas are one of those drinks that are often associated with specific occasions.

It is commonly served at a wedding service or reception, and is also associated with a leisurely morning brunch. The mimosa is also a purported hangover cure, although there's not much evidence to support that theory.

The drink is classically served in a tall champagne class known as a 'flute'.

Variations on the mimosa Like many cocktails, the mimosa recipe has a lot of room for tinkering and tweaking. One of the most exciting things about drinking cocktails is the ability to customize and get creative with flavours, and the mimosa mix of orange juice and champagne is a great base for some experimentation.

The first thing that comes to mind when considering variations of the mimosa would be to switch the champagne for a different type of sparkling wine. Prosecco or Cava are both usually less expensive options, whilst using a rosé champagne would give the drink an interesting hue.

The addition of an orange liqueur like Curacao, Grand Marnier or Cointreau would help give the orange flavour some depth.

Alternatively adding a maraschino cherry and a dash of grenadine would make the drink more appealing for drinkers with a sweeter tooth.

If you're looking to give your mimosa a bit of a kick, you could add a shot of vodka. In fact, the idea of adding a shot of premium orange vodka like Grey Goose orange sounds more than appealing to me.
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A mimosa drink is basically a cocktail kind of drink. It is usually prepared with the help of three different parts of champagne and also two portions of chilled orange juice. It is served in a tall champagne flute along with a morning brunch - usually at weddings.

On rare occasions this drink is also served with Grenadine and a cherry. Sometimes even Orangina or a tablespoon of Grand Marnier is added to it. However, in the Untied Kingdom this drink is also known as "Buck's fizz".

It is stated that this drink was reportedly brought in by Ritz Hotel in Paris, France circa 1925.

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