How Do You Make A Really Good Sandwich?


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First of all use the best bread you can find, and make sure it's perfectly fresh. Use good butter or top-quality margarine, and soften the butter before use. It needn't be spread thickly, but each slice of bread must be covered. For a hearty picnic, use thicker slices and just cut them across the middle. If you're going for the dainty look, you want very thin slices (you may have to get unsliced and cut it yourself) cut into four triangles. You can even cut the crusts off, though there isn't much point.
The important principle with sandwich fillings is contrast. That means wet and dry, crunchy and soft. So, for instance, cottage cheese is nice with crisp lettuce, and dry ham with juicy tomato. Beyond that, it's largely a matter of taste.
Of course, apart from the basic British sandwich, there are lots of variations; open sandwiches, filled rolls or baguettes etc. In all cases the points about freshness and contrast still apply.
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Get bread. Separate two slices. Toast one and set the toasted one aside.
On the first slice: Put shredded cheese and melt in microwave. Then put yer favorite meat on top. If you want you can put more shredded cheese in between the meat slices so you have more cheese and it stays in. Thats what I do. Now, toast that half in the toaster oven. While thats toasting. . .
On the second slice: This slice should already be toasted. Spread mayonnaise on the toasted slice. Or if you don't like mayonnaise put mustard or whatever you use. Then put lettuce on it. By now, your toasting meat and cheese should be done. So take it out and set the lettuce and mayonnaise piece on top of it.
If you want to put more stuff you can. For example
*banana peppers
eat yer sandwich.
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Try to find good quality ingredients
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You have to consider all of the components of your sandwich. Starting off with what kind of bread you want to use and there are so many, just make sure they are fresh. Next what is the source of protein, peanut butter, chicken, turkey, tuna, pastrami etc. Then you get down to the fluff the extras like lettuce, pickles, spinach, etc.. The most important thing to ensure when making a sandwich is to make sure you are truly content which means to be creative break the rules a little who says peanut butter has to stick with jelly or pastrami MUST stay on a slice of rye bread, there is no definite way just be you.!! :)

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A sandwich is a very personal thing. The ingredients - bread, butter or margarine, salad, meat or whatever - should be fresh and not too moist and compliment one another. Trial and error will bring the best sandwiches for you out with time.

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