Why Do The Japanese Eat With Chopsticks Instead Of Forks And Knives?


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Because it is their culture why they eat using chopsticks.. It's easy to eat using chop sticks, one stick is on the thumb resting while the other is supported by the first finger.. You can search for it in the google.com ^^
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Just as other cultures use silverware, their culture was brought up using chopsticks. I also use chopstick when dining at a oriental place. The metal seems to give the food a certain flavor (or maybe it is the wood) so I enjoy more to use the wood.

To use chopsticks, you lay one in your hand between your thumb and middle finger while you hold the other like a pencil. The first stick remains solid in the crevice of each finger while the other moves to hold the food tight against the first stick. Practice and you too can use chopsticks. I love it but accidents do happen.
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Chopsticks have been used all over East  Asia for thousands of years. They were probably first used because the wood for making them was readily available, but they've  lasted all this time for many reasons - you can see an overview here.

You hold both chopsticks in the same hand. One chopstick rests between your thumb and middle finger, and you move the other one with your thumb and first finger.
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Because its been a long tradition & they are used to eating with chopsticks.
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It's just a part of their culture. Just like how we use forks and knives some of the time. That is weird to them since it's our custom. To use chopsticks, you kind of have to use your thumb, index finger, and middle finger. It's hard to explain...
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Back in 500b.c.'s the chinese didn't think of any other ways to eat with a matieral.So the same Q for us they ask every day why do eat with a fork. (we live in different places so we do thing in different ways.) I am studying this in school now.
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I think their traditions of Confucius state that it is not polite to use the tools of war like fork and knives for eating food.
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I would imagine that chopsticks have been around for many more centuries than knives and forks. I think it would be better to ask, how come we in the west use knives and forks and not chopsticks?

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