How To Eat With A Fork & What Are The Proper Etiquettes Of Eating With A Fork?


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When you eat with a fork the general habit is to hold it horizontally between your first knuckle of the middle finger and the tip of the index finger, while the thumb holds the handle firm. It is generally used with a right hand. But some food items like meat, require a knife as well as fork, it is only at this point of time that you use the fork with your left hand and a knife with the right hand, to cut a piece. But once you finish cutting a piece, you keep the knife down and take the fork with your right hand and then put the piece into your mouth. Emily Post states this as the "zigzag" style.

Also once the dinner is over, it is essential you place the fork and knife parallel to each other with the pointed side at the centre of the plate and the handles to the right hand side.

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