What Does The Pasta Rigatoni Look Like?


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Rigatoni (from the Italian past participle of 'rigare') is tube-shaped and ridged. The outer surface is ridged and the ends are straight cut. The tubes are usually stuffed with cheese, and it is usually used in pasta bakes.

Rigatoni is usually served as a main dish and goes well with meat and sausage sauces, vegetable sauces, fresh tomato sauces and baked timballi.

Rigatoni is larger than ziti (macaroni tubes) and penne (medium-length with diagonally-shaped ends), and is used in restaurants that wish to stick to one tube-shaped pasta noodle.

Rigatoni can be purchased in different forms. The tubes vary in size, from oversized rigatoni, to long and short rigatoni. There is also swirl rigatoni, which is different from original rigatoni as it has small spiral lines.

Rigatoni can be purchased on its own, or with a ready-made meal. You can also buy gluten-free rigatoni.

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