What Do Kalamata Olives Taste Like?


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The name kalamata olives came from the city named same - kalamata in Greece. These olives are large in size, smooth in texture and black in colour. They taste like meat. If you allow some kalamata olives to smoke down and then marinated into a pinch of olive oil, you may have a real wonderful taste. Many cuisine-experts believe that the kalamata olives are the most delicious olives around the world. Because of its mouth-watering flavour, it is a great addition to recipes like Olivada, Greek Veggie Salad, Ethereal Orzo, Pasta, Olive Bread, Flounder, Muffuletta, Kalamata Caviar, Mediterranean Tuna Salad, Tapenade, Escarole Siciliano, Key West Penne, Gorgonzola, Pasta Puttanesca, Rigatoni, Fettuccini and many more.

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