What Does Kimchi Taste Like?


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Kimchi is so delicious. There are different flavors, that range anywhere from mildly spice to extremely spicy. It' hard to describe the taste...you can taste the cabbage, and it almost has like a sweet taste to it, but is offset by the spiciness. You should give it a try.
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It tastes like GOOD. Buy some and eat it. Its not truly spicy. Its cabbage and some stuff.
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Kimchi, for me is okay..

It's something that I could eat a little of, but not too much
not because of it's unhealthy ..just because..

It's too spicy for me >.<

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I use to work with a man named dat who ate kimchi almost every day.he was twice my age at the time and could work me into the ground. So their must be some really good health benefits to it. : )
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Si senor

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